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Joan Del Valle is a lawyer with 18 years of experience and over 8 years litigating immigration cases. She is extremely resourceful, patient and committed to her clients until the last straw. Her legal offices are conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, across the street of the immigration court.

Say NO to scams

Hundreds of people in California each year are victims of fraud by consultants and / or unauthorized notaries. These people may worsen your case, do irreparable damage, and that possibly translates into extra money you will have to invest in hiring a lawyer to fix your case if it is still possible. Do not be fooled!

Consult us!

Do not be deceived by unauthorized people to advise you. Prevent that your case becomes a lost one because of lack or wrong information. We offer consultations and payment plans that fits you.



We process U-Visas, work permits, asylum applications, family petitions, naturalization; Additionally, litigate cases in immigration court, bond hearings, fear interviews, among others. Contact us for a orientation!

Contact us

Law Offices of Joan Del Valle

510 W 6th St. Suite 1220

Los Angeles, CA 90014

Tel: 1-(818) 599-5707

        1-(818) 590-4330

Fax: 1-(888) 728-0555

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